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Butter and Egg Adventures has Axe Throwing!

Axe throwing is now part of Butter and Egg Adventures in Troy, Alabama.  Axe throwing has become a major recreational sport and Butter and Egg Adventures is the only place in the area that offers it.  Our three lane venue is located in a very shaded area near our Team Building Course.

Axe Throwing at Butter and Egg Adventures

Axe Throwing at Butter and Egg AdventuresButter and Egg Adventures in Troy, Alabama now has a three lane Axe Throwing venue and is open for group and individual reservations.  The venue is located adjacent to the Team Building area and is completely shaded.  Reservations for two or more people can be made by calling 334.670.9954 and are available in one hour segments.  This venue is only available during day time hours and is open for individuals age 12 and up.  Please read the safety and playing rules for this venue before arrival.  Waiver will be required for all participants and can be completed by clicking on this link.  For a tutorial on how to throw an Axe correctly, please watch this YouTube video.

Pricing for Axe Throwing at Butter and Egg Adventures

$15.00 per person for one hour

$25.00 per person for two hours

How Do You Keep Score?

Axe Throwing at Butter and Egg Adventures


Clutch = 7 (Throws 5 & 10 Only)

Red (Bullseye) = 5

Blue = 3

Green = 1

  • Each match will consist of a Best of Three Series
  • Players decide how they want to switch out
  • Time begins at conclusion of safety briefing
  • If score is tied at the end of regulation play, each player will throw the axe one time and highest throw wins.   

  The extra throws will go on till a winner is determined

if you have any questions or concerns about your scoring, please ask our Guide who will explain everything to you.