• Time: Mon-Sat 8a-5p
  • Phone: (334) 670-9954
  • Location: 2127 Butter and Egg Rd, Troy, AL 36081
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Facility Reservation Form

* Requires supervision and/or facilitation by camp staff.
NOTE: Advance approval must be granted by camp directors prior to confirmation of reservation. Read Carefully: Deposit must be received prior to confirmation of reservation. Any outside vendor operating on camp property must be pre-approved by camp owners, at least two weeks prior to event. Additional service charges may apply. Examples of outside vendors include providers of DJ’s, and food/beverage machines. No tobacco use, pets, ATV’s, nor skates/skateboards allowed. No nails, tacks or glue on building walls, windows, or doors. No confetti, glitter, or small die-cut decorations allowed. No excessive noise, gambling, or lewd/drunken behavior. Parking and driving permitted only in designated areas. Use of challenge courses, climbing towers, ziplines, activity center, swimming pool, and pond is restricted to time periods when trained, supervisory camp staff are on duty for the event. Guests may not approach these areas without camp staff present. Athletic equipment for ball fields shall be provided by the customer. Deposit of $100.00 must be submitted, along with this completed form, prior to confirmation of reservation. The $100.00 deposit is non-refundable within 60 days of the scheduled event. Outside of 60 days, a $25.00 processing fee will be charged. By submitting this form, I attest that I have read the Butter and Egg Adventures, LLC regulations and accept responsibility for meeting the requirements therein. I also certify that I have the authority to sign this application on behalf of the above named organization.  Butter and Egg has final authority and approval for all organizations wishing to reserve space.