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teamwork at Butter and Egg Adventures

Teamwork will be needed to beat the newest element for Woodland Course

teamwork at Butter and Egg Adventures

The Woodland Encounter Course (Our Version of Survivor Challenges) at Butter and Egg Adventures has a new element to help develop great teamwork. We are calling it “Swiss Cheese”, because of its design. Two members of each team will take the end of a string and by working together, they will have to move three balls (one at a time) up to the top and place them in cups without losing the ball in one of the bigger holes. Communication, good hand to eye coordination and moving at the right pace will help them accomplish this task.

Previous to the addition of this new element, The Woodland Encounter Course contained 8 other elements. These other elements included:

A Maze, where two teammates were both blindfolded and tethered together in order to find two bags of puzzle pieces and then put the puzzle together as a group.

A Memory Game, where team members had to memorize a layout of props and then place them back in the correct order.

A large Plinko table where two team members had to work together to toss and catch a ball coming down the table.

An element where four team members at a time, had to untangle and unwrap ropes from around a pole.

Using sling shots, each team member has the opportunity to place three bean bags into specified slots of their respective targets.

On our table maze, team members must place three balls into holes at the end of table, while navigating road blocks and the gutter on the table.

Using our sand volleyball court, two team members must find objects hidden in the dirt and pull them out using oars.

Using a bounce net, team members must place balls into a basket which is attached to another team member.

The object of this course to offer an opportunity to team members to communicate and work with each other, while doing task that require particular skills.

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