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  • Location: 2127 Butter and Egg Rd, Troy, AL 36081
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Escape Room Payment

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Escape Room Payment

This is your Escape Room Payment for the Escape Room Adventure.

A 9.5% State Amusement Tax will be charged on both the deposit and final purchase on site.

Bunk’d In!

You have heard many great things about the escape room at Butter and Egg Adventures, in Troy, Alabama and wanted to experience it with a group of friends.  You did all the right things; reviewed the web site, watched the videos and then you made your reservations.  You and your group made the 3 hour trip to Troy and checked into the bunkhouse apartment for your overnight stay.

You wake up early the next morning and find that you are locked in the apartment and you are worrying about your reservation time, 60 minutes from now.  Everyone knows that your reservation time was the only one available for today anescape room paymentd you must get out in time, or the trip would be wasted time.  What are you going to do?  You try calling the staff to let you out and you find out that you have no cell phone signal.  You then see a combination lock on the door and know that the only way out, is to figure out the combination of the lock.  Everyone in your group begins looking around for anything that may lead them to the right lock combination.  Good Luck!


Closed until April 17th

Effective March 17th, Butter and Egg Adventures will be closed tll at least Friday, April 17, 2020, following State of Alabama mandates and guidance by the Alabama Department of Public Health.  It is our hope that each and everyone of you stays safe during this time and take all necessary precautions.  We will continue to update the situation as needed on both the website and our social media platforms.  We will continue to take calls and Event Quote Requests for the future.